Friday, May 4, 2012

Jogging make longevity

TEMPO.CO - you are still reluctant to exercise, like jogging? If you answer yes, you need to hear the results of a study by Danish researchers on this one. It turns out jogging on a regular basis can live up to six years. How?

"Our results definitively answer the question if jogging is good for your health," said Peter Schnohr, chief cardiologist of the Copenhagen City Heart Study, which broadcast messages to the European Society of Cardiology. "We can confidently say that regular jogging can increase a person's age. The good news is, you really do not have much to benefit by," he said.

In their study, they compared the death rate from pejoging not pejoging. These data are taken from the starting population of 20,000 people aged 20-93 years, in 1976. To make this comparison, the researchers asked 1116 men and 762 women pejoging pejoging their jogging routine matters. This included about how fast and how far they do jogging per week.

Over a period of up to 35 years of the study, the researchers found that not less than 10 158 and 122 did not die pejoging pejoging. The researchers found that regular jogging lowers the risk of dying by 44 percent, in both men and women.

The researchers also found that men can pejoging up to 6.2 years, while pejoging in women, an extension of up to 5.6 years. Jog at a slow speed for half an hour for one to two times per week produced a very significant advantage.

Researchers found some health benefits of jogging, which contribute to this increase in life expectancy. These advantages are an increase in oxygen uptake, increased insulin sensitivity, the good cholesterol and lowering triglycerides, improving heart function, bone density, immune function and function psikologika. The researchers say help, jogging, lower blood pressure, reduce platelet aggregation, and prevents obesity.